Scentos Scented Twisted Crayons (8 Pack)


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Let your kids indulge in hours of fun with this wonderful Scentos scented twisted crayons.

Twist up the fun and turn up the smells with Scentos twistable scented crayons. We’ve applied the same great nontoxic scent technology to crayons, and positioned them inside easy to use, clear twistable tubes. Each pack also comes with a clear reusable plastic pouch, allowing for clean and convenient fun, followed by easy storage. No more sharpening and no more broken crayons, Scentos twistable crayons are perfect for children and as you’ve come to expect, each brilliant colour is coupled with its own unique, long lasting scent, sure to inspire the artist in anyone!


  • Orange / Orange
  • Pink / Bubble Gum
  • Red / Strawberry
  • Yellow / Lemon
  • Green / Green Apple
  • Blue / Blueberry
  • Purple / Grape
  • Black/Blackberry

– Each of the 8 crayons has it’s own individual scent which is released as children use the pencils to colour and draw.
– You just twist the base to bring the crayon up ready for use.


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